Wedding Flowers

Spider Mums a member of the Chrysanthemum family has long thin petals, hence the common name. Placing these in your bud vases will add some visual weight to your arrangement.

Lisianthus, below, is an elegant rose-like beauty that can really take the heat. This gorgeous flower, native to Mexico, has long held an important role in communicating a deep, heartfelt, romantic desire.

Lisianthus brings its own special grace to a bouquet. Below is a simple bouquet of just Lisianthus and Dusty Miller.

In the bouquet below you see Freesia, Roses and Lisianthus. Though Lisianthus is often compared to a Rose I think in this picture you can see the difference clearly.

And of course there's always the Hydrangeas which could be used for a beautiful bouquet.

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